Welcome to F-House, the best bar franchise in India, an epitome of sophistication and exclusivity! Designed for creme de la creme, F-House is your gateway to mingle with the most eminent personalities like fashion connoisseurs, epicurean enthusiasts, and reverly aficionados from all the parts of the country! Amidst the ceaseless pace of modern life, F-House stands as a resplendent escape, where luxury intertwines with leisure. Be it vibrant NiteLife experiences, haute couture soirees , or laid-back yet spirited brunches, F-house is the ultimate destination for all your desires.

Brand Support

At FashionTV, we're your all-in-one support system for franchise success. From choosing prime locations to staff recruitment and PR launches, we've got you covered. We excel in social media marketing, auditing, and strategic cross-marketing. Together with our partners, we ensure no detail is overlooked, ensuring your business venture's triumph.


AAA Location

F-House finds its home in the heart of cosmopolitan cities, gracing prime and upscale neighborhoods that naturally draw enthusiasts of all things luxurious.

Strong Financial Backings

Every partner should demonstrate robust financial support to guarantee the prosperity of the venture.

License Industrial Attraction

Every partner should possess a genuine fondness for the Hospitality Sector, coupled with a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the industry.

A Powerful Aspiration

To achieve greater wealth, accomplishment and recognition.

of Future

Every distinguished personality needs a space to interact and network with the nation's other prominent figures, and FashionTV offers this by having established the magnificent F-House for the elite. We provide a luxurious experience for all the fashionistas, epicureans and revellers from all over the city, allowing them to transcend the stresses of contemporary life and unwind in a lavish and stunning atmosphere. Discover a new approach to partying and socialising while unwinding with the essence of FashionTV, packed with luxury and elegance all under one roof as whatever it is that you’re looking for, we’ve got it! From exhilarating NiteLife and glamorous fashion events to mellow yet high-spirited brunches, there's no place superior to F-House.

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