Welcome to F-House, the best bar franchise in India, an epitome of sophistication and exclusivity! Designed for crème de la crème, F-House is your gateway to mingle with the most eminent personalities like fashion connoisseurs, epicurean enthusiasts, and reverly aficionados from all the parts of the country! Amidst the ceaseless pace of modern life, F-House stands as a resplendent escape, where luxury intertwines with leisure. Be it vibrant nightlife experiences, haute couture soirees , or laid-back yet spirited brunches, F-house is the ultimate destination for all your desires.


F-House Facilities

At F-House, experience luxury living with lavish amenities. Our exquisitely designed lounges and state-of-the-art event spaces redefine opulence and comfort, perfect for hosting extravagant soirees.

Art in the house

Art is more than decoration at F-House; it's part of our soul. Every piece tells a story, ignites emotions, and fosters conversations. Immerse yourself in boundless creativity only at F-House!

Member Privileges

Elevate your status with F-House's exclusive member privileges: priority event access, personalized services, and elite networking opportunities. Membership isn't a label; it's your key to unparalleled indulgence.


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of Future

India's thriving economy fuels the aspirations of its growing middle class. As the nation's affluence expands, so does the global hospitality market, projected to hit $4,132.5 billion USD by 2021, with a remarkable CAGR of 18.5%. FashionTV's F-House, with its lavish ambiance, diverse events, and top-notch services, is poised for industry success.

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